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A calmer and stronger you

Yoganic founder Melissa Field and her passionate team of instructors offer a variety of Yoga and Pilates classes and courses from their Willoughby studio.

Classes support women through all stages of mamahood from conception, pregnancy, birthing and beyond.

About Yoganic

Friendly and professional instructors

Warm and friendly instructors guide you through each class, providing cues to help you follow along with ease. To get the most out of your session they suggest gentle adjustments to your practice and encourage you to keep focused on your goals.

Not only do they get to know your body – they get to know you. They’re here to help you relax from your busy day, go with the flow of life and remind you of your unique strengths. Chase the feeling of calm and strength today.

Melissa Field

Founder & Yoga & Pilates Instructor

Angela Misfud

Yoga Instructor

Rita Barbosa

Reformer Instructor

Latiecha Henman

Yoga Instructor

Shlomi Almoslinos

Yoga Instructor

Sabrina Luz Araujo

Pilates Instructor

Portia Selkirk

Yoga Instructor

Vincci Louey

Yoga Instructor

Ashley Wilson

Yoga Instructor

Danielle Connor

Yoga Instructor

Sharon De Dios

Admin Assistant