About Us

Libby from Yoganic and her 3 girls

Our Story

Hi, I'm Libby, the owner of Yoganic. I'm a Pilates, yoga and barre teacher, corporate drop out, coffee lover and mum of 3 girls.

I started Pilates classes over 17 years ago and was hooked on the difference it made to my body. My love affair with yoga came later, when I was pregnant with my first child. Barre - well thats seems like a natural progression for a ballet mum!


I started at Yoganic as a client before I did my Pilates teacher training, started teaching and then bought the studio in 2018 when the previous owner made a sea-change.

Yoganic is my home away from home and I'd love it to be yours as well. We have a fabulous communoty of teachers and clients at Yoganic and I still love coming to work and seeing our beautiful commuity every day

Our Vision

Yoganic is more than just a yoga, Pilates and barre studio, it's a place to connect with your body and mind, a community of like minded people. We come to move our bodies, disconnect from our day to day lives and to have fun.


We have an amazing group of talented and experienced teachers. Most have been teaching with us for years and several used to be clients!


Our teachers will guide you through each class, providing cues to help you follow along with ease. To get the most out of your session they suggest gentle adjustments to your practice and encourage you to keep focused on your goals.

Not only do they get to know your body – they get to know you. They’re here to help you relax from your busy day, go with the flow of life and remind you of your unique strengths. Chase the feeling of calm and strength today.

Mum doing Pilates with her baby