Pilates, Yoga and Barre Classes For Chatswood’s Women

Calling the women of Chatswood! Are you looking for a new and exciting way to exercise? Particularly for women who are pregnant or have recently given birth, it can be hard to find a way of working out that is safe and comfortable for your changing body. As a team of predominantly women ourselves, we’re motivated by our passion to help with get in tune with their inner monologue and discover that their mental and physical strength is boundless. At Yoganic, we encourage you to take this time for yourself, even if it is just once a week. It is so important to check in with your mind and body, and to get involved in activities that will strengthen the links between the two.

We Offer Reformer Pilates, Yin Yoga, Barre and More

As well as standard yoga classes for women of all walks and stages of life, we’re proud to offer classes specific to women during their pregnancy journey, and women who have just given birth. With your bodies in a significant state of metamorphosis, our Pregnancy and Mums and Bubs Yoga Classes are designed to teach you new breathing techniques to feel balanced in their bodies, and work on movements that can help relieve muscle tension and pain.
If you’re interested in trying out Reformer Pilates for the first time we have a brilliant introductory class. Our instructors will show you how to use the reformer machine and make sure you’re comfortable with the exercises. For returning participants, you’ll be part of classes of six people and utilise the reformer to gain an amazing full body workout.

Why Chatswood is Chatting about Yoganic

We invite women from Chatswood and beyond to book in to try our yoga, Pilates and barre classes as you start your journey to meet your best self. Contact our passionate and encouraging team on 0411 607 759, or send us a message for any enquiries.