When do the memberships start?

  • The memberships start from purchase date. These memberships are offered at substantial discount, and we are unable to delay the start date.


I already have a Pilates reformer/tower membership, can I swap to the annual membership?

  • Yes – if you have a current Pilates reformer/tower membership we can terminate it if you purchase the annual membership, any remaining classes from this month can be taken as additional classes.


I already have a yoga membership – can I switch to the unlimited?

  • Yes - if you have a current 3 month membership we will terminate it. Any remaining classes from the current month will be available to you at the end of the 3 month period.

  • If you have a 12 month membership, we will suspend it for 3 months while you use your Christmas in July membership. In the event that we start to offer an unlimited membership, we would give you an option to upgrade.


Why is there a late cancel/no-show fee of $10 on the unlimited yoga/mat/barre membership? Does it apply to livestream classes?

  • The no show/late cancel fee does not apply to livestream classes, and we are aware many of you do livestream via replay later.

  • As you know our class sizes are limited and if you fail to cancel or don’t turn up to class, another client may miss out on attending class. Unfortunately when there is no penalty for late cancels and no-shows many people don’t bother to cancel, and others miss out. We like to make sure you can all get to class when you want to. We understand sometimes life happens, so you are allowed one late cancel/no-show per month.


How do I get a Member Only bonus class pack?

  • These are available to our current members (regardless of whether you have a reformer/tower membership or yoga/mat/barre membership).

  • The Member Only packs will only be visible if you have a membership.


Can I get an extension on the packs/my existing pack?

  • All packs activate from the purchase date. Please check the expiry period before purchasing to see if you can use the classes in the specified time period. As per our normal terms and conditions, we only extend packs with a medical certificate.