Danielle Connor

Yoga Instructor

DeeDee (Danielle) Connor hopes to plant seeds within children to assist them with developing healthy habits for a lifetime of wellness and happiness.

She lived in Ireland, London, New York and Massachusetts over the last decade as a professional actress. Between roles in; castles, in theatres, on film and TV, she discovered nannying, performing children’s shows, bikram yoga and meditation — and her dream was to combine her passion for children and that of creating union and connection. This was only strengthened following being diagnosed with a chronic illness – which led her to seek holistic health options and realisations regarding the power of the mind and that of creating healthy balance in life – and going in the direction of where the love is.
She moved home to Sydney (where the love of family resides!) and trained as a children’s yoga teacher and studied meditation facilitation. As a teacher she helps children learn to celebrate their bodies, minds, and spirits in fun, safe and engaging ways – reminding kids to be human-BEings, not just human-DOings!
DeeDee loves the community of yogi’s and their caregivers at Yoganic and feels so fortunate to be apart of the terrific and passionate team.