For newbies

How do I register for my first class?

Buy our intro offer - and try any 5 classes in 14 days for just $59.

Do I need to book online or can I just show up?

As our yoga, Barre Attack and Pilates mat classes are limited to 10 participants and Pilates reformer only 6, please book online via our website, the Yoganic app or the Mindbody app to grab your spot.

Can I attend casually or do I have to buy a pack?

Of course you can attend all our classes casually (except courses and workshops) but if it's your first visit to Yoganic™, our Intro Offer of $59 for any 5 classes in 14 Days is much better value. If you are attending regularly, packs or membership offers better value.

What do I need to bring?

For Yoga, Barre and Pilates Mat, you must bring your own mat.

For pregnancy

Why yoga and pilates during Pregnancy?

Yoga and Pilates are the best ways to exercise during pregnancy. They’re low impact and focus on deep stability and postural muscles to help with your changing body. Keeping fit and strong during pregnancy helps you keep a healthy body and nourishes your growing baby. It helps to maintain strength for your labour and bounce back quicker postnatally. It also strengthens your core and abdominals, tones the arms, legs and buttocks.

Can I continue classes during my 1st Trimester?

If you’re experienced in Yoga and Pilates you can continue to come to Slow Flow or Yin Yoga classes after you get your Doctors okay. We recommend you do Beginners Reformer class as more advanced classes use strong abdominal contractions, which are not advised for a healthy pregnancy.

Can I attend Pregnancy Yoga and Pilates classes if I’m a Beginner?

Yes. Our Pregnancy Yoga and Pilates classes cater to women of all stages of pregnancy and levels of experience.


For new mums

Is Pilates suitable for postnatal women with abdominal separation?

Our Postnatal Reformer and Mums and Bubs Pilates Mat and Reformer are fantastic for postnatal women with abdominal separation as classes address the importance of breath, abdominal and pelvic floor re-connection, the re-establishment of stability, correcting posture and obtaining flexibility in certain areas and will assist you in healing abdominal separation and toning your pelvic floor.


Can I come to regular Pilates classes?

Our Beginner Reformer, Yoganic Reformer, Yoganic Tower and Pilates Mat classes are not suitable for newly postnatal mums. We offer several options for our postnatal mums – mums & bubs classes, evening and weekend classes. If you have questions about whether you are ready to join other classes – please talk to your teacher.


Can I come to regular yoga classes?

We recommend starting with Mums & Bubs Yoga or Yin Yoga, which can be a great option for postnatal mums, especially as it will help you release tight muscles and relax. If you have a question about whether other yoga classes are right for you, talk to your teacher.

What do I need to bring?

Please bring a mat (for yourself) and a blanket for your baby to lie on.

Can I bring my pram?

Yes. Please leave it at the bottom of the stairs to our back entrance on Harris Lane.

What does a “baby- led class” mean?

Our Mums and Bubs classes are baby-led. Your activity is led by your baby. If he/she needs changing, feeding, settling or putting to sleep, it is your responsibility to attend to his/her needs. You’re welcome to do this within the room and we encourage you to join in when you can. Like us, babies have good days and bad days. Some days you’ll join in an entire class, other days you’ll spend time settling your baby. In these moments, we learn to be flexible in mind and body.

What if my baby is sleeping?

If this happens in a Mums and Bubs  class, great!

My baby’s crawling- Can I come to class?

For safety reasons, we ask that babies are not mobile. If your baby is happy to stay in one of our Baby Bjorn bouncers they can still come to classes.


I'm new to Yoga, Pilates or Barre

Which class is right for me?

If you're not sure what classes are suitable for you - email on and we can help!

What if I’ve never done Pilates Reformer before?

If you are new to reformer Pilates (and not pregnant or postnatal and attending our specialised classes) you MUST start with our Beginner Reformer classes. Our Yoganic reformer classes are not suitable for beginners – these classes have a faster pace, more choreography and assume you are familiar with reformer Pilates repetoire.

What if I’ve never done Pilates Tower before?

Our Tower classes are an open level and we will accomodate beginners with some modifications if required. If you're just starting our with Pilates we recommend you try a few Pilates reformer classes first.

I've never danced - can I do barre?

Neither have most of our barre teachers - so don't panic! Just come along and try - and have fun!

I've never done yoga before and I'm not very flexible!

You don't need to be flexible to do yoga - that's why we go to yoga! Just let your teacher know it's your first class. You can also choose to strat with a Yin class which is slower, with long holds and plenty of time to add props and modify if needed.


Questions about class packs

How long do packs last for?

A casual pass must be used within 30 days or the purchase date.

5 packs are valid for 2 months from purchase

10 packs are valid for 4 months from purchase

20 packs are valid for 6 months from the first class.

Can I book all my classes on the same pack?

We have four types of packs:

all access passes - can be used for any class

yoga/mat/barre - can only be used for yoga, Pilates mat or barre classes (and livestream)

reformer/tower - can only be used for Pilates reformer or Pilates Tower classes

livestream - can only be used for livestream classes


Can I extend my pack?

We don’t offer pack extensions, except with a medical certificate.


Questions about livestream classes

How do I join class?

You'll be sent a Zoom link approximately 30 minutes before class to access the class.

What if I can't attend live?

If you don't attend live, you'll be sent a 7 day replay link after class.