Our friendly weekly classes help you to connect with yourself and your growing baby. You’ll connect with women on the same pregnancy journey and prepare your mind, body and spirit for your new role as a mother. Through our varied classes, we’re here to remind you of your ability to move through your transition to motherhood with grace and ease.


Pregnancy Yoga

A slow flow yoga class. Poses are held longer and linked together to create a flow of movements. Each pose connects with the rhythm of your breath, giving you time and space to move through the sequence. Learn breathing, meditation and relaxation techniques you’ll use throughout all trimesters, as well as during labour, birth and beyond.


Benefits of Pregnancy Yoga

  • Reduces painful niggles like lower back pain, swelling, cramping and muscle tightness
  • Improves muscle strength, flexibility and endurance for pregnancy and birth
  • Builds self-confidence and connection to your body
  • Improves sleep quality
  • Reduces anxiety, worry and fear
  • Teaches you breathing techniques useful for labour
  • Deepens your bonds with your growing baby
  • Calms your nervous system

Pregnancy Pilates Reformer

This full body workout on the Pilates reformer uses spring-loaded resistance to tone, stretch and strengthen your entire body in preparation for labour, birth and postnatal recovery.

Our reformer classes are capped at 6 participants so you receive personal attention and individual guidance from our instructors.

arm work

Benefits of Pregnancy Pilates

  • Helps maintain fitness, energy and healthy body weight
  • Strengthens your pelvic floor
  • Improves body awareness increasing your self-confidence and ability to birth
  • Improves spinal and pelvic stability, relieving back, pelvis and hip pain
  • Improves circulation to reduce swelling
  • Teaches you controlled breathing which helps during labour
  • Improves posture, giving you better balance and less aches and pains


Meditation for Beginners

Learn how to meditate over 5 weeks.

Simple and effective meditation techniques you can use to: quieten your mind, reduce stress and anxiety, help you feel more relaxed and calm, and sleep better.

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Be strong, be focused and breathe

Your fitness doesn’t need to stall when you’re pregnant. Staying active with pregnancy yoga creates a smooth transition to motherhood.

Your changing body needs a changing workout

As your body’s transforming to make way for your beautiful baby your workout needs to change alongside it.

You know that glorious post workout high? When you feel strong, capable and energised. What if you can feel the same feelings of strength, flexibility and vitality by doing classes which support, strengthen and lengthen your body. Not put pressure on your joints or over-stretch your ligaments? Sounds great, right?

Strength and focus through an active pregnancy

Strength and focus during each trimester becomes your natural state when you regularly attend our Yoga and Pregnancy Pilates classes. You’ll practice the quality of flexibility (both in body and mind) as you stretch out those pregnancy aches and pains.

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Why yoga and pilates during Pregnancy?

Yoga and Pilates are the best ways to exercise during pregnancy. They’re low impact and focus on deep stability and postural muscles to help with your changing body. Keeping fit and strong during pregnancy helps you keep a healthy body and nourishes your growing baby. It helps to maintain strength for your labour and bounce back quicker postnatally. It also strengthens your core and abdominals, tones the arms, legs and buttocks.

Can I continue classes during my 1st Trimester?

If you’re experienced in Yoga and Pilates you can continue to come to Slow Flow or Yin Yoga classes after you get your Doctors okay. We recommend you do Beginners Reformer class as more advanced classes use strong abdominal contractions, which are not advised for a healthy pregnancy.

Can I attend Pregnancy Yoga and Pilates classes if I’m a Beginner?

Yes. Our Pregnancy Yoga and Pilates classes cater to women of all stages of pregnancy and levels of experience.

Do I have to come to Pregnancy classes?

Yes. From the first trimester onwards you should attend our pregnancy classes. We do not take clients in their second and third trimester in our Slow Flow, Morning Yoga, Centring Evening Yoga, Beginner Reformer or Yoganic Reformer classes.

If you are new to yoga and Pilates (and the studio), we recommend you come straight to pregnancy classes.

You can still attend Yin Yoga and barre classes – make sure you discuss with your teacher any modifications which may be necessary.

What should I bring?

Please bring a mat to yoga classes and grip socks for Pilates reformer or you can purchase one at the studio.