Mums & Bubs Pilates Mat

6 weeks - Pre- crawlers

This class aims to strengthen the core muscles weakened by pregnancy, as well as the back & pelvic floor with the use of props including Flexbands, Magic Circles and foam rollers. A full body workout will ensure that you gain strength in aiding daily activities such as lifting your baby in and out of the cot or carrying the baby capsule. Join with other mums to regain your strength, realign your spine and pelvis & have a fun workout. Whist mummy is exercising, babies may lie on the mat next to you, be involved in some of the exercises, or socialise with the other babies. There will be time for some interactive activities including rhythmic movement accompanied by action songs & rhymes.

When: Mondays at 11am

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Yoga, Pilates Mat and Reformer
$49 for 4 Classes in 2 Weeks