Pregnancy Classes

We offer more Pregnancy classes than any other studio in Sydney with 10 classes throughout the week including morning, lunchtime and evening classes 7 days a week. Visit Yoganic™ and meet other mums-to-be and indulge in the benefits of pregnancy yoga and pilates. It is our intention to make you feel nurtured, calm, comfortable and confident in every class. Each pregnancy is unique and we strive to give special attention to each new mum. No previous yoga or pilates experience is necessary as our Instructors will offer safe modifications to honour your changing physical body and energy levels throughout all stages of your pregnancy.

Pregnancy Yoga

By adapting classic yoga postures, breathing, meditation, relaxation techniques and discussion you will develop confidence and nurture your innate wisdom to connect with your unborn baby, to rest, relax and re-energize.


Pregnancy Pilates Mat

With a focus on strength & overall fitness, prenatal Pilates classes are a great way to help cope with the bodily changes & prepare you for the rigours of labour & childbirth to come.


Pregnancy Pilates Reformer

Classes engage the mind and tone the arms, legs and buttocks with particular concentration on strengthening and stabilising the pelvic floor. Adjustable springs along with small props allow women of all stages of pregnancy and  experience to be catered for.


Pregnancy Day Retreat

Pregnant Mamas Circle

Pregnant mums will come together for tea and a women’s circle to allow you to share your fears but also your desires in your transformation into motherhood. The circle will be facilitated by Melissa Field but each month we will have a guest speaker to educate and empower you but will allow plenty of time for open discussion and connection with other pregnant mums.


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Yoga, Pilates Mat and Reformer
$49 for 4 Classes in 2 Weeks