Yin Yoga Immersion

Invite stillness, deepen and surrender. Create a refuge from the demands and expectations of every day life by delving within and surrendering to stillness. Discover the healing benefits of Yin yoga on both the mind and body.

Join Angela for an afternoon of deep stretches, mindfulness meditation and breath work to calm the mind, release physical tension and improve joint health and flexibility.

In Yin yoga various floor postures are held for between 3-5 minutes to stimulate our meridian energy lines and target our joints and connective tissue. This creates space and freedom in areas of the body that cannot be easily accessed through more vigorous muscular stretches.

Particular focus will be given to releasing tension in the hips, spine and shoulders.

Suitable for all levels of experience and body types.


Join Angela on the 2nd Friday of the month:

12 Jan
9 Feb
9 Mar
13 Apr
11 May


7.30 – 9.30pm