Mamas Circle

Life as a new Mum can be very isolating. Mums are put into groups by their local Early Childhood Centre with women who have nothing more in common than a baby of the same age leaving them craving connection with other like- minded mums. So in an effort to help you find your tribe, we’ve created a Monthly Mamas Circle.New mums will come together for tea and a women’s circle to allow you to share your joys, challenges and transformation into motherhood. The circle will be facilitated by Melissa Field but each month we will have a guest speaker so you can continue to learn and grow but will allow plenty of time for open discussion and connection with other mums.

Mamas Circle is held from 12.15- 1.45pm on the following dates:

  • Wednesday September 13

Guest Speaker: Michelle Fernandez, mum to 3 year old Mia, Registered Nutritionist and creator of The Nutrition Project- who will open discussion about the benefits and implementation of a solid food introduction program designed to guide you through the critical 6-12 month phase of infant nutrition.

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