I’m Nereda, the university-qualified nutritionist (Master of Nutrition) behind the Balanced Body Australia. I am a scientist and a sceptic; I don’t believe in detoxes, fad diets or that food can cure everything. I have a passion for helping mothers (to-be, new or more experienced) maintain high levels of energy and vitality through the building of sustainable, nourishing eating habits and mindfulness around how and what they eat.

I strongly believe and advocate that the nutritional, physical and mental health of the mother is key to the wellbeing of the baby, the children as they grow and the family overall. Especially in this modern society where the stresses and strains of parenthood are no longer absorbed by “the village”, it is very easy for a mum to become depleted by all that is expected of her and all that her body has gone through while growing a new human.

I offer my practical, evidence-based nutritional advice and recommendations from the perspective of being a mum of two primary-aged kids and a woman who spent 18 years in the time-critical sponsorship and event marketing agency world. I understand tiredness, pressure, the strains and stress of balancing professional life with family life and being time poor.

In partnership with Yoganic, you’ll hear from me via blogs, Facebook posts and workshops on a regular basis. Should you have a question please don’t hesitate to ask via [email protected] or give me a call on 041 9358 465.

If you have more than a simple question and wish to optimise your eating pattern for pregnancy, healing after birth, breast feeding or to simply keep up with the demands of parenthood I will be providing the Yoganic community a 25% discount on their initial consultation.

You can read more for Nereda at The Balanced Body.