New Pilates Reformer pricing –  effective Saturday October 13

Many years ago, Melissa lowered the Pilates Reformer pricing to encourage people to try it. Well I think that goal has been achieved! In reality, with smaller class sizes and equipment lease costs, Pilates Reformer classes are much more expensive to run and our costs have increased.

From Saturday October 13, the prices will increase for Pilates Reformer- the new prices are as follows:
Casual $30
5 pack $140
10 pack $260
20 pack $480

We are still offering the 5% loyalty discount if you purchase a new pack within 7 days of finishing you existing pack. Any existing packs are valid for ALL classes and you can buy classes at the current price until Friday October 12. Prices for yoga/Pilates mat/barre will remain unchanged. We will be introducing a yoga/mat/barre membership – details to come, next week.