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Family Fun

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Put aside your thoughts of what a regular yoga class entails and enter the world of kid’s and family yoga, which teaches that fun is the most important ingredient in life. As a three-year-old girl discovers thedelights of massage, a big smile spreads across her face. Her mother, who is using some fragrant moisturiser to massage her daughter’s feet, looks at me with a big smile. I can’t help but smile back at them – sharing moments like this in the yoga class I teach for kids and their parents is a constant reminder of why taking time out to relax, play and have fun with your family is a truly vital part of life.

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Taking Baby Steps

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There’s no need to let your baby site on the sidelines while you tone up after birth. Now new mums can share exercise time for mutual benefit.

Yoga teacher Melissa Knapp from Yoganic™ in Willoughby has some yoga moves you and baby can do at home from six weeks old (eight for Caesarean) writes Anna Warwick.

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Six week old kids chill out with yoga

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YOU have to crawl before you can walk, but that isn’t stopping a new generation of tiny yoga fans from striking a pose.

Classes for children from as young as six weeks old are helping them find their calm inner selves.
More daycare centres and pre-schools are calling in professional yoga instructors to help calm boisterous children, Melissa Knapp taught for several years before opening a yoga studio in Willoughby in Sydney’s north last November.

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