Project Description

Mindful Birth is a research based childbirth preparation course that has been created to support women through their transformative journey in pregnancy, birth and the post partum period.  Our 4 hour birth and post partum preparation workshop combines mindfulness practice and evidenced based research around pregnancy, birthing and parenting. You and your support person will learn tools (ie breathing technique, positions in labour etc),  practical tips and information that can help you make informed choices in your pregnancy and birthing journey. A woman’s active participation in birth is the heart of an empowered birth experience no matter the outcome. We wish this for all women, as this life changing shift from birth to post birth is vital in a mother’s wellbeing.

Some women experience various concerns around intense sensations, fear , uncertainty, as she approaches the big day, which  can leave her feeling overwhelmed. This is all normal and many have felt  this way. Our intention is to share mindfulness techniques (movement, breath, meditation) to work through those emotions, thoughts and bodily sensations which may provide an open and receptive mind state and give women the confidence to navigate this special rite of passage . You will learn positions that can bring comfort in pregnancy and birth . We’ll investigate some of your options in various birthing environments – home, hospital, birthing centre, and even discuss some options around a gentle c-section birth.

Everyone is welcome. Birth support person included in cost. Prepare to move, breathe, and learn.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Power of mindfulness in birth and parenting
  • General overview of Physiology of Birth (Optimal Foetal Position: Importance of Baby’s position)
  • Importance of Movement in Birth + Techniques for each Stage of Labour + Labour Interventions
  • Various tools to work with Fear – Tension – Pain
  • Importance of Safety in Labour + Role of Birth Support Person
  • Relaxation and Mindfulness techniques to help cultivate calmness
  • Post Birth: Extending Mindfulness Practice into Motherhood

About Michelle:

Michelle has over 15 years experience in yoga, mindfulness and childbirth education. She is  one of the Co-Founders of Mindful Birth, a Yoga Alliance and Yoga Australia accredited Pregnancy and Post natal yoga teacher training course, and has completed a Diploma of Childbirth Education. She travels around Asia and Australia to deliver Mindful Birth teacher training courses, birth education courses and mindfulness retreats and workshops  for over a decade.

A life long learner, Michelle continues to study from leading mindfulness teachers, midwives, and researchers and is currently pursuing a post graduate studies in Psychology at Charles Sturt University. She has a Bachelors degree in Science Physics. She resides in Sydney with husband James and her vibrant 10 year old daughter Cassy. Michelle is also the Founder of Inspired Girls, a wellbeing program , for young tweens and teens.

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