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Class Etiquette Reminders

I really hate writing these posts as we are all grown-ups, but unfortunately sometimes we need a reminder. We want to make coming to class an enjoyable experience for everyone.⁠

If you can't make a class - please cancel! Someone else may get a chance to go to class. Yes if it's a late cancel (and no-one takes your spot) you lose the class, but if you are booked, the teacher will be expecting you and may have even planned a class around you if there are things you are working around or working towards. Please be courteous.⁠

Please be courteous to your teacher and fellow clients and arrive on time. Some studios won't let you in if you are 1 minute late! 15 minutes late is not ok. We try to be flexible, as we understand like us, most of you are juggling lots, sometimes there's parking or traffic issues. After 5 minutes the teacher has the option to lock the door or turn you away. Warm-ups are important and late arrivals are massively disruptive for the teacher and class. This is especially true in classes where we have clients who are new to yoga, Pilates or barre and we need to spend a bit more time with them. Postnatal and mums & bubs are the exception here - we know you're doing well to get out the door!⁠

If you are late, please try not to be disruptive and listen to the teacher. Don't just hop on the reformer and start moving. It probably doesn't have the right springs, you can't go straight in to short spine without warming up. The teacher may be busy helping another client and may not get to you straight away, they possibly won't have checked you off as attending as they've already checked everyone else in.⁠

Phones off or on silent. I know some of you may be waiting on urgent messages or even be on call for work. But please turn them to silent if they are on. It's far from zen for everyone else to have your phone ring at full volume during class.⁠

Isolation rules are changing - but that doesn't make it ok to come to class sick. No-one wants to be coughed or sneezed on in class and take that home to their household. If you are visibly unwell we will ask you to leave.

Thanks in advance for helping us ensure everyone can enjoy class.⁠


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