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LATCH - Antenatal Breastfeeding Workshop now at Yoganic!

While birth preparation is extremely important, it is just one day. Feeding a baby, is EVERY day! Our Breastfeeding Workshop gives you all the information you need to set you up for a successful feeding journey. We cover information like supply and demand, tummy size, latch and positioning and so much more.

We prep so much to have a baby, but what about Breastfeeding? So many Mums hear how tough Breastfeeding is, but they also acknowledge that they didn’t have the information and support set up before the baby arrived to go into the Breastfeeding Journey as equipped as they possibly could be. It doesn’t have to be this hard! Join our 2.5 hour Lactation Education class to learn about Why Babies Suck So Much, How to know you have enough Milk, Baby Tummy Size & so much more.

Our comprehensive breastfeeding course for Mums and Dads to help understand the basics behind breastfeeding and set you up for a successful journey.

  • Benefits of Breastfeeding

  • Anatomy and Physiology of Breastfeeding

  • Positioning and Latching - Hands on Practise with Dolls

  • How do we know that baby is getting enough? What are the signs of Milk Transfer?

  • Feeding cues, feeding frequency, cluster feeding and growth spurts - How and why they happen.

  • Dads / Partners - What can you do to help support feeding, when can you give bottles. You need the info too so you can remind Mum when she is sleep deprived!

Best attended in your 3rd Trimester but before 37 weeks pregnant (just in case you go early!).

We highly recommend that Dads or Partners also attend the program to understanding the journey of feeding a newborn.

See below to book and for some of our Breastfeeding Videos for some tips and tricks and to meet Peta, our CLEC - Lactation Educator Counsellor.

This 2 and a half hour program is ideally suited to the breastfeeding parent and their partner or key support person.

Cost - $69 Per Person - If your partner wishes to attend, please book them a spot as well.

Book here.


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