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  • Jessica Humphries

The importance of Pilates for injury prevention

At Yoganic, we love our Pilates! You’re probably well aware that Pilates is an excellent way

to stay fit and healthy, but did you know that it’s also a powerful tool for preventing injury?

As we age, our bodies become more vulnerable to injury, and this is particularly true for

women. Luckily, Pilates is a great way to improve strength, flexibility, balance, and posture –

all of which can help prevent injuries and keep you feeling your best. Here, we’ll explore

how Pilates can help prevent injury, and is especially supportive of women’s wellness as we


Pilates for posture

One of the most significant benefits of Pilates is that it can help improve your posture. This

is so helpful in our modern world where we spend an increasing amount of time hunched

over screens. Also, as you age, your posture tends to decline, leading to things like back and

neck pain. Pilates can help to reverse this hunchback trend by strengthening your core

muscles – which are crucial for maintaining good posture. With regular practice, you might

notice yourself standing taller, sitting straighter, and moving with greater ease.

Pilates for flexibility

Pilates is a fantastic way to improve flexibility, which is also super important for women as

we age. As time goes on, your muscles can become stiffer and tighter, increasing the risk of

injury during other exercises and simple, everyday movements. Think of your muscles as a

sponge. A wet sponge is flexible and not easily damaged, whereas a dry, tense sponge will

easily break. It makes sense that jumping on the mat or reformer regularly can help

lengthen and loosen your muscles, reducing the risk of injuries related to this stiffness. The

controlled movements and focus on breath in Pilates can help to increase range of motion

and mobility. By incorporating exercises that target specific muscle groups, Pilates can help

to address common areas of tightness and improve overall flexibility.

Pilates for balance

Balance is another crucial element of injury prevention. As we get older, our balance tends

to decline, increasing the risk of accidents. Those core exercises are great for stabilising the

body during all sorts of exercises and everyday activities. Also – as Pilates invites you to

work with the smaller muscles responsible for joint stability, you ensure that everything

stays in its proper position, which is helpful for balance. As women, we are more likely to

experience balance issues as we age – so it’s especially important for us to keep our balance


Pilates for strengthening joints and muscles

Finally, Pilates is a wonderful practice for strengthening muscles and joints, which reduces

the risk of injuries related to weakness or instability. We know by now that Pilates is focused

on controlled movements that emphasise proper alignment, stability, and mobility. By

practising movements in a slow and controlled way, you can engage the muscles and joints

without putting unnecessary stress on them. And, as you know, the movements of Pilates

also work on the smaller muscles that support your larger joints – like the knees, hips, and

shoulders. By strengthening these muscles, you can improve the stability of the joints, which

is great for reducing the risk of injuries like strains and sprains.

As lovers of Pilates, it’s motivating to know that this potent practice will support you in

reducing injuries and maintaining your overall wellness – helping you feel your best at any


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