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Waitlists are changing - from October 3

You might have heard us talking in class or seen emails about Yoganic changing its' booking system to Momence on Monday October 3.

As part of this change, we've been able to update our waitlist system. We currently spend a huge amount of time manually going through waitlists on busy classes (particularly weekend reformer and Sunday Yin) offering spots when clients late cancel. Some people on the waitlist no longer want the spot so we have t move further down the list and send lots of SMS! We want to help you get in to your favourite classes, so this will streamline the process (and save me and other teachers constantly checking their class numbers throughout the day).

The new waitlist cut-off is 2 hours before class starts. If you are on the waitlist for class and a place becomes available - you will be added up to 2 hours before class.

This is for ALL classes except classes starting before 8am where the cut-off will be 8:30pm the night before. If you are booked in to a 6:30am or 7am class, you will not be automatically added if anyone cancels after 8:30pm the night before.

If you do not want a spot in class, it is your responsibility to remove yourself from the waitlist.

We hope this will make it easier for everyone to get to class. If you late cancel and the spot is filled - we will still refund your pass back to your pack if you email to check within 7 days (except now those spots should be easier to fill!).

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