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What the best exercise during pregnancy - yoga or Pilates?

Whats best - pregnancy yoga or pregnancy Pilates reformer? I get asked this question all the time!

Pregnancy specific classes (pregnancy yoga or pregnancy Pilates reformer are the best option once you hit your second trimester.

What's so great about pregnancy yoga and pregnancy Pilates reformer classes?

All our pregnancy classes are designed for pregnant bodies. They cater to your changing body, the aches and pains of pregnancy and the postural changes that occur during pregnancy.

Unlike a regular class - you'll also be able to do 100% of the class, unless we're working around pregnancy specific issues like pubic symphysis which we are used to making modifications for (or we are working around exiting injuries).

Pregnancy classes are full of pregnant women! It's sounds obvious, but it's one of the best things about attending pregnancy classes. There are other mums-to-be who are struggling with leg cramps, sleeping, which pram to buy..... It's a great way to meet other local mums-to-be.

Why should I come to pregnancy Pilates reformer classes?

Pilates reformer is a great way to build and maintain strength. Our pregnancy classes all incorporate some stretching and work on postural changes that occur during pregnancy - like a tight thoracic spine and hip flexor or weak glutes. If you have any pubic dysfunction issues - reformer classes can easily and safely work around these.

Why should I come to pregnancy yoga classes?

Pregnancy yoga is great for maintaining mobility, mindfulness and labour preparation. We find many of our mums have busy lives and yoga creates an opportunity to disconnect and reconnect with your baby. All our yoga classes incorporate mindfulness and will incorporate tools you can use in your labour such as breathing techniques.

So what's the answer? My answer is always both! However in reality many mums and mums-to-be don't have the time for more than one or two classes a week. My answer then is always - do what you love. Any exercise class - that you enjoy, you will come to more often. Consistency is key with exercise. If you come to class more regularly, you'll see more results.

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