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What to expect during your first Pilates Reformer class

Pilates Reformer seems to be having a renaissance at the moment. Everybody is talking about it, saying how great it is and how much they are enjoying the classes they go to. So instead of sitting on the sidelines wondering about what your missing out on you have taken the plunge and booked in for a class.

Now you are in that waiting place between making the booking and actually turning up to the class you are freaking yourself out, thinking “what have I done?”, “I don’t know how to use a Reformer”, “I am going to stick out like a sore thumb”, “I won’t know what I am doing”, “OMG I am going to be so embarrassed”, “maybe you should just cancel and stick to going to the gym”.

STOP overthinking it! Cause you might end up being just like me and falling in love with Pilates Reformer.

I am here to tell you that you shouldn’t cancel that booking, I felt the exact same way when I enrolled myself into my first Pilates Reformer class some 10 years ago. I arrived in the room and there were 8 things that could only be described as something that looked like a torture device. A myriad of things ran through my mind “how do I use this thing”, “how do I get on and off”, “what are the straps for”, “there are so many bits how will I not get tangled in those cords”. There is one thing I can promise; the Pilates Reformer is not a torture device and I hope that you fall in love with Pilates just as I did all those years ago. My love affair ran so deep I re-trained and become a Pilates instructor and left my corporate life behind.

What's so great about Pilates Reformer?

Pilates on the Reformer is designed to assist and support you while also providing resistance or assistance via a spring and pulley system. This load is ideal for improving your core strength, flexibility as well as toning the body. Don’t let the springs fool you as you will soon discover that a light spring is not necessarily an easier spring! Low resistance can help to fire small local muscles, which helps keep you stable.

Pilates Reformer classes have a pace and flow about them which keeps them fun and interesting. The range of exercises are limitless but all are taught using the same underlying principles of Pilates. Your instructor will guide you through a series of exercises designed to provide you with a whole body work out, our aim is to have you leaving the class feeling better than when you walked in.

Come to an intro(ductory) class

When you come along to your first Pilates Reformer class at Yoganic, we strongly encourage people to come to one of our intro classes , this gives you the foundations and confidence you need to come along to a regular group class without feeling completely like the new kid on the block. In the intro class you will be shown the Reformer, the different parts of the reformer, how they work and how to adjust the springs, the foot bar, the headrest, the straps. We will show you how to get on and off the machine safely. We will teach you how to use the machine, how to get your feet into the straps, how to move the carriage using your body through various exercises. We want you to leave the Intro class feeling like you have enough knowledge to be comfortable attending a group class.

The Pilates Reformer Intro class is a taster, it is designed to provide you with knowledge about the machine and how to use it best for your body as well as to give you the opportunity to try a small variety of exercises that represent some of the different exercises that you would expect in a group class.

Once you have completed the Pilates Reformer Intro Class you are welcome to come along to any of our Beginner or Beginner / Intermediate classes which will allow you to become more competent on the Reformer constantly learning new movements and continuing to challenge your body.

Six things to know before your first class:

  1. Arrive a few minutes before your class begins, arriving late means you will miss the warm up which is vital for ensuring your body is prepared for the class.

  2. Make sure you have a pair of grip socks, for safety and hygiene. If you don’t have a pair you can always buy a pair when you get to the studio.

  3. Listen to the instructor, they want you to move safely and in the most efficient way

  4. It’s helpful for our instructors if you wear comfortable yet form-fitting stretchy clothes as it enables them to visually see that you are performing the exercises with the proper alignment.

  5. Bring along a water bottle to stay hydrated

  6. Please make sure your phone is on silent or switched off.

Bookings through the Yoganic app or the Yoganic website.

Story courtesy of Leah O'Gorman

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