Pregnancy Yoga

Why do Yoga during Pregnancy?


Our Pregnancy Yoga classes are designed specifically for pregnant bodies. Our classes incorporate breath work, a series of yoga poses and relaxation. You'll strengthen and stretch your body and learn some techniques which you may use during delivery. Pregnancy classes will give you a chance to take some time out from your busy day-to-day and connect with your body and baby. 


Yoga during pregnancy can help you thrive physically and emotionally. Some of the benefits of attending pregnancy yoga classes include:

  • reduces back pain

  • increases flexibility and strength

  • reduces anxiety and strength

  • can help maintain a healthy weight

  • relaxation

  • teaches breathing and relaxation techniques you can use in labour

  • provides you with an opportunity to connect with other pregnant mums and start building your village

Pregnancy Yoga class
standing poses in pregnancy yoga class

Pregnancy Yoga at Yoganic

  • Our boutique yogastudio in Willoughby has small classes of  up to 10 in our Pregnancy Yoga Classes

  • Small classes allows for individual attention. 

  • Friendly, and engaged community of mums to share the journey with

  • We currently run multiple pregnancy yoga classes, so here should be something to suit your schedule. 

  • Specialised pregnancy and postnatal trained teachers who work closely with local Women's Health Physiotherapists and have experience dealing with common pregnancy issues such as SIJ, carpal tunnel and pubic dysfunction

  • Our pregnancy teachers are mums, who've all done yoga through our pregnancies and beyond, so we really understand!

  • Connect with other local mums

  • You can also choose to compliment your Pregnancy Yoga classes with our Pregnancy Pilates Refromer classes.



I've only been to 2 prenatal yoga classes so far, but it's already made me feel so relaxed and in tune with my body that I can't wait to do more for the remainder of my pregnancy.


Love this studio! I've spent years doing yoga and pilates reformer around Sydney and this school is one of the best and friendliest I've found. I joined when I was pregnant, looking for pilates and yoga to help me prepare for the birth and maintain general fitness throughout the pregnancy. Libby and her team are all great teachers and I looked forward to every class and the benefits they brought. I've recently come back to regular classes and it's a joy to be back!


Love Yoganic! Lovely space, Always a great workout, and supportive and friendly teachers who really know their stuff. The pregnancy and postnatal /mums and bubs classes have been particularly fantastic and I always come away with extra tips and advice that have nothing to do with my workout!


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Pregnancy Classes at Yoganic

Pregnancy Yoga Class

Pregnancy Yoga

A slow flow yoga class. Poses are held longer and linked together to create a flow of movements. Each pose connects with the rhythm of your breath, giving you time and space to move through the sequence. Learn breathing, meditation and relaxation techniques you’ll use throughout all trimesters, as well as during labour, birth and beyond.

No prior yoga experience required.

Pregnancy Pilates Reformer Class

Pregnancy Reformer

Our pregnancy reformer classes are designed specifically for our pregnant mums. If you are past your first trimester, you must join our pregnancy classes.

Our classes are designed to strengthen your body and pelvic floor to help  prepare you for labour and recovery. We also incorporate extra pregnancy specific stretching to help ease the aches and pains that come with pregnancy.

No prior Pilates experience required.

Pregnant mum doing barre

Barre & Barre Attack

Barre is a fusion of Pilares, yoga and dance. It provides an excellent low-impact cardio workout as well as providing lots of strength work.

Our Barre and Barre Attack teachers are all pre and post-natal trained and can provide you with suitable modifications during class to accomodate your changing body.

Pregnancy Class Timetable

Pregnancy Pilates Reformer and Pregnancy Yoga classes on Sydney's North Shore. Our boutique studio in Willoughby is easily accessible from Chatswood, Roseville, Lindfield, Castle Cove, Crows Nest, Castlecrag, Cammeray, North Sydney and Northbridge.