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Shlomi Almoslinos

Yoga Instructor

My journey began in 1979. March 14 1979 to be precise. Exactly 100 years after Albert Einstein was born.

Like Einstein, I also wondered about the deepest secrets of the universe. However, as the years went by I found myself caught up in the endless chase for money and everyday routine. I had to stop and ask myself what is my calling and how should I fulfill it.

Pink Floyd described it best in their song “Time” – “Ten years have got behind you, No one told you when to run, You missed the starting gun…” At the age of 28, after travelling for a few weeks in Nepal I realised that in order to make a change I need to somehow take a deep breath and get out of the “rat race”. I started learning Tibetan Healing and practicing Yoga.
My studies have opened a brand new world for me and I learnt the power of giving and collaboration.
Since then I have been practicing Iyengar Yoga, deepened my Tibetan healing studies and became a Reiki master.
In 2014, I have completed a Kids Yoga Dharma teacher training course (Anat Zahor & Osnat Israeli) and a Balloon twisting workshop.
I often try to incorporate animal balloons in my Yoga classes to demonstrate the different animal poses.

I was always a dreamer.

A year later I decided to make another dream of mine come true and moved to Sydney, Australia.

I felt this was an opportunity for a brand new start and decided to concentrate in my true passion – teaching Yoga.

I have completed an Advanced Teacher training course – Level 1 (Amanda Fuzes, Prana Space) and another Kids Yoga teacher training with “Rainbow Kids Yoga” (Gopala).

Come and join me for some exciting Family Yoga adventures!