Important information before you come to class & cancellation policy changes

There are some important changes in our business following the outbreak of COVID-19 that we wanted to make you aware of.

Here’s an overview of the changes:

In the studio:

• Hand sanitiser stations at each door
• Paper towels in the bathrooms
• Cleaning of all high touch surfaces between classes
• Increased cleaning schedule
• No shared cups/water stations
• No shared props (this is in line with Yoga Australia’s recommendations)
• No tactile cues
We appreciate you being on time for class but as we don’t have a waiting area (and have capacity limits), we appreciate you not arriving too early for class! Please allow the previous class to exit before entering the studio.

Yoga classes:

• Reduced class sizes of 8
• Spacing of yoga mats for social distancing (you’ll see the tape marks on the floor)
• No shared yoga mats – you must bring your own, or buy one from the studio
• No shared props or bring your own from home – we recommend you bring a towel which can be folded as a prop and used for a blanket during savasana

Barre classes:

• Reduced class size of 8
• No shared props – please bring your own theraband and ball or buy from the studio
• Barre spacing will be marked on the floor
• Clean grip socks are still compulsory
* our therabands are 1.2m to allow loops to be tied at either end
* classes can be done without a ball, however we recommend using one for extra abdominal connection and greater challenge

Reformer classes:

• Reduced class sizes of 5
• Vinyl covers over loops so they can be wiped clean between classes
• Clean grip socks are still compulsory
• No shared props – if you need a knee pad or sticky mat we will have them available for sale in the studio
• Classes are now 50 minutes to allow more time between classes to facilitate social distancing and cleaning
Just a reminder, if you are unwell or have been in contact with a confirmed or suspected COVID – 19 case please cancel your class and seek medical advice.

With reduced class sizes, the cancellation window in all yoga, mat and barre classes is now 12 hours. As with our reformer classes if you miss class and email us – if someone has taken your spot we will credit your pass back on to your account.

We are looking forward to seeing you back in the studio. Thank you all in advance for your cooperation in keeping everyone in our Yoganic community safe.

Look forward to seeing you in the studio!