I know we are all suffering from Coronavirus overload – but I just wanted to update you on the changes we have made in the studio. We are posting regular updates on Facebook and Instagram – so if you aren’t already following us, I suggest you click the Facebook or Instagram icons below and follow us.

Exercise is an essential part of maintaining a healthy immune system and routine is one of the best ways to help you cope in times of stress. Teaching is helping us manage our stress! We will continue to run classes while we are able to remain open. I should have details on a live streaming option by Monday or Tuesday. If we are forced to close we will be running live streamed classes during that period.

With the new social distancing rules, we have had to make some changes to class sizes. Our already reduced capacity of 8 for yoga/mat/barre meets the new guidelines but it means we have had to reduce mums and bubs yoga/mat to 6. Our reformer room has adequate space overall but we are reducing our reformer classes to 5 to allow more spacing between clients and down to 50 mins to allow adequate changeover time without overcrowding the room.

Our class minimums still apply – we need 2 clients for reformer to go ahead and 3 for yoga/mat/barre classes to go ahead. If we do not meet minimums 2 hours beforehand (or by 9pm the night before for 7am and 8am classes) we will unfortunately have to cancel. Thank you for your understanding. Please ensure you are signed up to receive schedule updates.

Many of you have told us you are going a bit stir crazy working from home (especially with partners) and have asked for lunch time classes. We are trialling a reformer class Tuesday and Thursday at 12:10pm and yoga Wednesday and Friday. If you want these classes to go ahead – please book in! Lunch time reformer is already live to book – yoga will be up by Monday morning.

A few hygiene reminders:

  • Please wash your hands or use hand sanitiser when you arrive at the studio.
  • Please bring a water bottle, we are temporarily removing plastic cups.
  • Please bring your own yoga mat – we are no longer lending mats.
  • All hard props and the reformers must be wiped down after class, we suggest you bring a towel or light wrap to cover bolsters etc.
  • If you are unwell, please don’t come to class.

What happens to my pack if the studio is forced to close? If we are forced to close we will extend any current packs by the length of the closure. We will also be live streaming (which you will be able to book using class packs) during this period and our on demand platform Yoganic at Home should be up and running by then. Likewise if you are forced to isolate – please let us know and we will extend your pack.

If I need to do classes at home, what do I need?
Here’s the basics:

  • yoga mat (yoga)
  • strap – can use a tie or belt (yoga)
  • bolster – you can roll up a blanket (yoga)
  • cushions (yoga)
  • theraband (Pilates & barre)
  • foam roller (Pilates & sanity!)
  • fitball (Pilates for our pregnant mums)

I’ll be doing a blog post this week about props for home. If you are pregnant – get to Kmart and buy yourself a fitball for $7.50 – they are great for labour and I hear bouncing on them can settle babies! Pregnancy Pilates classes will need a ball, otherwise it’s very limiting.

Our bolsters are from Stretch Now. You can also pick up some of these props from Kmart at a great price.

Should we be forced to close, we will put together some prop packs for Pilates and barre, which you can borrow at no cost with a refundable deposit.

We have a few new props available to purchase in the studio including foam rollers ($55), eye pillows ($25) and theraband lengths ($15). We have recently replaced the yoga straps and I had been planning on replacing the mats (you know I’m a bit OCD with my colours) so we will be selling the old ones (straps freshly washed, mats are all cleaned) for $5 each.

Times are crazy and I know all of us are finding this challenging. As a small business owner – thank you for continuing to support Yoganic. A number of you have reached out and checked in on me (great time to be 37 weeks pregnant!) and it really means a lot to me –  thank you from the bottom of my heart. I have to admit, I crashed on Friday afternoon. I’d been holding it together, but I lost it, it’s been a stressful few weeks. Thankfully I have amazing support from my team and my husband (which also helps when I can’t drown my sorrows with a bottle of wine!) which has pulled me through. While times are tough, I feel an amazing sense of community around me –  which makes such an incredible difference. The mental health toll of this situation is very real. I would encourage anyone who is finding it tough to reach out to your support network.

From me and the team – thank you to those of you coming to class! Teaching is helping us stay sane as much as exercising is helping you stay sane!