Urban Yoga Retreat

with Angela Mifsud

A life in flow | Wednesday 27 December

Grounding and hip love

To step into our power we must stand on solid ground and be present to the only moment in time we can create change…NOW. From this place of powerful presence we cultivate the capacity to greet the impermanence of life with an open heart and mind. We loosen our grip, release the struggle and find our flow wherever we are. Invite freedom in the mind and body through standing and floor poses focusing on building both strength and flexibility, especially in our beloved hamstrings, quads and hips.

A life of Abundance | Thursday 28 December

Twists, shoulders and heart opening backbends

Dissolve Limitations – Open to Infinite Possibilities. Shine a light on the emotional, mental and physical patterns that weigh you down and discover a new way of experiencing yourself, each sip of breath and life itself! Through nourishing twists, connecting with our core, opening the shoulders and awakening the spine – learn to articulate the body in a new and transformative way. Tap into your rich reservoir of potentially within – discover lightness, abundance and love.

A life of Purpose | Friday 29 December

Intentions for 2018 | Yin and Meditation

Intentions illuminate the way forward – they offer clarity, perspective and meaning to our experiences on and off the mat. Goals may offer a preferred destination, yet our intention will guide each step along the path and also offer the flexibility and awareness to refocus and refine our goals, especially when life doesn’t go to plan (which is always, right!). We will explore how you want to feel and what you wish to offer yourself and your relationships in 2018, then allow this to fuel WHAT you do with greater purpose and conviction. Through breath, yin and mediation – release tension, attachments and expectations – open to the magic of grace that occurs when we meet ourselves, each moment and each other with ease, acceptance and compassion.


$120 for all 3 or $45 each