Vincci Louey

Yoga Instructor

I started my yoga journey 18 years ago to reduce chronic back pain and has evolved from a physical healing process into a discovery of my own spirituality, mental and emotional strength. My love of yoga led to the decision in leaving a 9-5 career and pursuing studies to become a yoga teacher. My teaching style allows students to be themselves by creating space to discover their own yoga journey while emphasising on breathwork, student safety & alignment.

I was inspired to teach Prenatal Yoga as I was fortunate enough to experience its benefits during my pregnancy. This knowledge gave me the strength and tools for a calm and positive birthing experience and I feel called to empower mums & future mums through this wonderful experience, dispelling any fears and misconceptions around pregnancy and birthing.

My prenatal classes provide a nurturing and safe environment for mums through this special journey into motherhood as well as creating some ‘me time’ to honour their body and baby.

In my classes, you have the opportunity to explore beyond the physical postures and learn more about yourself through yoga philosophies, breathwork and community connection. I believe how we act on the mat will translate how we are in life and it is an ongoing practice of self-discovery, just like yoga.