The Nappy Collective will launch its twelfth nappy drive on Friday 12 October, a two-week campaign that calls on babies and parents across Australia to donate leftover, unused, disposable nappies, providing vital support to vulnerable families.

Every day, hundreds of families struggle to provide necessities such as nappies for their children. The simple act of donating leftover, unused disposable nappies can have a huge impact on families in desperate circumstances, including mothers fleeing family violence, asylum seekers, refugees, and families struggling with homelessness, mental illness, drug abuse, and extreme financial hardship.

Nappies are a basic essential child care need. A newborn goes through 10 to 12 nappies a day, and a toddler six to eight. When families are stretched to even put food on the table, they simply can’t change their child’s nappy this often, which can cause health issues for their child and themselves.

The Nappy Collective is the only organisation in Australia focused exclusively on helping families with their nappy needs – a product outside most government funding regulations.

Lani Masuku, CEO of The Nappy Collective, said, “Our network of 200 beneficiary organisations, who service about 50,000 children in short, medium- and long-term care are in need of nappies right now. We hope to collect 250,000 nappies in October to support these children and, importantly, provide them with access to clean nappies for the next six months.”

“The Nappy Collective, through the power of collective giving, mobilises communities and enables Australians to help vulnerable families in their local communities in a simple and non-financial way. It also helps reduce waste, by passing on nappies that might otherwise go to landfill.”

To date, The Nappy Collective has collected almost 2.5 million nappies, which have been redistributed to 200 beneficiary organisations across Australia. The monetary value of these donated nappies is more than $1.1 million, but the value to families in crisis is immeasurable.

Yoganic is very excited to be participating as an official drop point in Willoughby where we hope our community of local mums will help support The Nappy Collective. Our mums know just how tough motherhood can be – even without additional challenges been thrown in. This is a small, but very tangible way we can all help. Most of us have unused nappies lying around and it’s a fantastic opportunity to do something useful with them while helping others.

The October Nappy Collective will run from 12 to 26 October, and encourages parents and families across Australia to join The Collective and help families in their most vulnerable moments. To find your nearest drop point or learn more about The Nappy Collective, please visit