Yoga For Beginners

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Yoga for Beginners Course

Over 10 weeks, you’ll learn yoga poses for strength and flexibility, breathing techniques to calm your nervous system,

meditation to quieten your mind and relaxation to help you sleep.

Classes are themed weekly with new sequences from Sun Salutes to Supported Inversions.

Week 1: Breathing and linking movement with the breath (Vinyasa)
Week 2: Sun Salute A
Week 3: Finding your Ground: Standing Postures
Week 4: Sun Salute B
Week 5: Forward Bends and Hip Openers
Week 6: Twists
Week 7: Balancing
Week 8: Backbends
Week 9: Intro to Inversions
Week 10: Integration

Suited for women who:

  • are new to yoga
  • have taken a break and need a refresher
  • are postnatal and wanting to ease back into regular yoga classes
  • want to focus on technique and alignment

Mondays at 8pm


Thursdays at 6.30pm

w/c February 5

Includes: 10 classes, a yoga mat, a 2 week unlimited yoga pass and 10% off your next pack

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Can I use the Intro Offer to do Yoga for Beginners?

Unfortunately not. But you’ll get a 2 week complimentary pass for unlimited yoga at the end of the course.

What are my options once I’ve finished the Yoga for Beginners Course?

You’ll have the confidence to attend our Slow Flow or Yin Yoga classes for which you can use your complimentary 2 week pass and then you’ll get 10% off your next 5. 10 or 20 pack.