Getting Started

Step 1: Pre- Register

So that we can get to know a little more about you including your yoga/ pilates experience, injuries and whether or not your pregnant or a new mum, please complete our Pre Registration Form.

Step 2: Purchase our Intro Offer

If you’re new to Yoganic, our Intro Offer is the best value. Enjoy ANY 4 classes* for just $49.
*Excludes Courses, Workshops and Family Yoga

Casual Visit

$ 25

Per Session

4 Class Intro Pack

$ 49

Valid 14 days
  • Value
    $12.50 / class
  • No Extensions or Holds permitted.

5 Class Pack

$ 110

Valid 4 months
  • Value
    $22 / class
  • No Extensions or Holds Permitted.

10 Class PackBEST VALUE

$ 200

Valid 6 Months
  • Value
    $19 / class
  • No Extensions or Holds Permitted.

20 Class Pack

$ 360

Valid for 6 Months
  • Value
    $16 / class
  • No Extensions or Holds Permitted.

Step 3: Book Your First Class

As we’re a boutique studio and our class numbers are limited, we ask that you book all your classes online. You can do so via our website, click here or via the FREE Mindbody App. Click here for more info.

If you’re new to Reformer at Yoganic, you will need to attend our Reformer Intro class on Saturdays at 12pm.


Do I need to Book Online?

As we’re a boutique studio, to assist us with managing class numbers, please book all your classes online via our website or the our Free Mindbody App

What If I need to cancel or reschedule a class?

To reschedule or cancel a class, log into your Mindbody Online account with your Username and Password. Select, “My Info” from the Main Menu, then select, “My Schedule”. Here you can view all your scheduled classes. Select, “Early/ Late Cancel” next to the class you no longer wish to attend.

You can also Book, Cancel and Reschedule classes using the Mindbody App which can be downloaded for free from Itunes or from Google Play.

What if I don't show up to a class I have reserved a place for?

Some of our classes are very popular and are wait- listed so if you don’t show up, others miss out. Therefore, if you cancel a Yoga or Pilates Mat class within 2 hours or a 6.15am Yoga class within 12 hours or a Pilates Reformer class within 24 hours you will forfeit 1 class on your pass.

Can I pay upon arrival?

If you’re a new Client, please register and pay for your first class online. If you would like to purchase a class pass or products at the studio you can pay by cash, credit or EFTPOS. Sorry no cheques. To purchase a class or pass, please visit our Online Store, click here

Can I attend classes on a casual basis?

Yes, you can attend all our classes casually (excludes Courses and Workshops) however, if this is your first visit to Yoganic™, our Intro Offer: $49 for ANY 4 classes in 14 Days is much better value.

What do I need to bring?

  • For Yoga and Pilates Mat, please bring your own yoga mat or you hire one for $2 or purchase one at the studio.
  • For Pilates Reformer, please bring a pair of grip socks (socks with tiny grip dots on the bottom to prevent slipping) or purchase a pair at the studio for $20.
  • A water bottle to re- hydrate. We recommend a stainless steel water bottle which is BPA free, non- toxic, re- useable and therefore, kind to the environment and your health. You may re- fill your bottle from our filtered water dispenser.
  • Leave your valuables at home or in the car. If you do need to bring your phone, please turn it off and leave it in a cubby hole.
  • For all our Mums & Bubs classes, we also suggest you bring a blanket for your baby to lie on or a bouncer. You may leave your pram at our back entrance on Harris Lane (2nd laneway off Harris St).

How do I get there and where can I park?

For our address, map and parking information, please click here

Can I get changed at the studio?

Our bathrooms have ample space for you to get changed in. You may leave your clothes in either the cubby holes or on the hooks provided.

What do I wear?

It is helpful for our instructors if you wear comfortable yet form-fitting stretchy clothes. It enables the instructor to visually see that you are performing the exercises with the proper alignment. For hygienic and practical reasons, please wear grip socks for Pilates Reformer.

What should I do when I arrive?

Please leave your shoes on the shoe racks provided. Yoga is practised in bare feet and pilates reformer in grip socks. Our studio is a shoe- free environment so that we can leave all the dust, dirt and dead energy from the outside, keeping the studio clean and you more grounded. It symbolises leaving your worries at the door.

Please turn off your phone and place all your belongings in the pigeon holes or on the hooks provided.

Please grab any yoga props/ pilates equipment you may need and lay out your mat on top of one of our thick charcoal mats (to give you some extra padding).

What if I have an injury or a condition?

If you have an injury or a medical condition, we recommend attending a Private Session so we can assess your condition and abilities and give you exercises to avoid re-injury or aggravation of symptoms and prepare for attending group classes.

Do I need to do the Reformer Intro Session before my first class?

So that we can assess your level and determine the best class to meet your specific needs and help you to reach your goals, we recommend you attend our Reformer Intro class on Saturdays at 12pm before attending group classes. In this session we will familiarise you with how to use the Reformer equipment, the breathing and the basic exercises.

Can Pilates help with my back pain?

Pilates is a great way to help alleviate lower back pain or rehabilitate after a back injury. Pilates strengthens the entire core muscles – including the deep abdominals, pelvic floor, lumbar extensors, and buttocks – to completely stabilise the spine and lumbo- pelvic region, bringing the body into correct alignment and helping to alleviate any pain.

Is Pilates suitable for postnatal women with abdominal separation?

Reformer is fantastic for postnatal women with abdominal separation as classes address the importance of breath, abdominal and pelvic floor re-connection, the re-establishment of stability, correcting posture and obtaining flexibility in certain areas and will assist you in healing abdominal separation and toning your pelvic floor. We recommend postnatal women attend our specialised Postnatal Reformer or our Postnatal Pilates Matwork class.

What if I have never done yoga before?

We recommend our Yoga for Beginners series where you will be introduced to yoga postures, breathing techniques and meditation in a safe, friendly and supportive environment. This series will prepare you to attend our Yoganic and yin yoga classes. For more information, please click here. Alternatively, you may attend our Tuesday 9.30am or Sunday 5.15pm Yin Yoga classes which require no experience and are much more gentle and slower paced.

What if I can't make it to the Beginner's course?

We suggest you start with our quieter, more intimate classes such as Tuesday 9.30am Yin Yoga, Wednesday 9.30am Yoganic Yoga or Sunday 5.15pm Yin Yoga where the pace is slower and tends to be smaller. After attending a few classes you will feel more confident to start attending the more dynamic, busier classes.

How many times a week should I attend?

Like anything, the more you practise the faster you will see results but consistency is the key. If you can only attend once a week, that’s better than nothing but for best results, we suggest you attend at least 2- 3 times per week.

What does it mean by a "baby- led class"?

Our Mums and Bubs classes are baby- led. This means, how much activity you are able to participate in is led by your baby. If your baby needs changing, feeding, settling, putting to sleep etc, it is your responsibility to attend to his/ her needs. You’re welcome to do all of this within the room and we encourage you to join back in when you can. Like us, babies have good days and bad days. Some days you will be able to participate in an entire class, other days you may spend a lot of time settling your baby. These moments in class teach us to be flexible not just in body, but also in mind.

What if my baby is sleeping?

If this happens in a Mums & Bubs Pilates Mat or Reformer class, great! If it happens in our Mother & Baby Yoga class, if there is mother and baby interaction, we have dolls who you may practise on and then when your baby wakes up or when you get home, you can practise the new moves with him/ her. Or alternatively, ask your teacher to suggest some exercises for you or take advantage of the quiet time and get some well- earned rest!

Can I still attend classes when my baby starts to crawl?

Once your baby is on the move we recommend graduating to the Baby Yoga for Rollers, Crawlers, Creepers and Early Walkers class on Fridays at 12.30pm or our Family Yoga class on the 1st Sunday of the month at 11am in Sanders Park on Julian Street, Willoughby.

What if I'm pregnant?

As there are exercises performed in our regular classes that are contraindicated during pregnancy, we recommend Pregnant women attend our specialised Pregnancy Reformer classes. on Mondays and Thursdays at 6pm, Saturdays at 4pm or Sundays at 11am.

What if I'm Menstruating?

Don’t practise any inverted postures (upside down postures such as elevated legs up the wall, shoulder, head or hand stand or forearm balances) for at least the first three days as it can disrupt the flow or regularity of your cycle.

Do you have Childminding?

Yes we do!

Tuesdays 9.30am Yin Yoga
Wednesdays 9.30am Yoganic Yoga

For more info, click here

What do I do after class?

If you have hired a mat, please use the bacterial spray and sponge to wipe down your mat. Then neatly place your mat back along with any other props. We practise Karma Yoga, the yoga of service to others. By putting everything back neatly and how you found it, prepares the room for the next class.

Still got a question?

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We offer the luxury of childminding during some of our week day classes in our sound & child proof room (adjacent to our yoga studio) while you take some time for yourself.


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