As a child I enjoyed ballet classes, I had a lovely teacher who made each class magical and fun. Exactly what ballet should be for little children. But as I neared the end of primary school talk of ballet exams and pointé shoes took the fun out of ballet for me and my career was cut short.

Fast forward, 30 years and here I am as a 41-year-old woman pulling on my ballet shoes for my first adult ballet class in a very long time. I was excited to see what Rita would have us doing in the introductory class and she didn’t disappoint.

As with all ballet classes, we started at the Barre. We held onto the barre for support with one hand while we worked the opposite leg, then we would turn around and perform the same exercise on the other side. Pliés with feet in a variety of positions, first, second, third and fourth, when we got to fourth the arms were slightly different so you need to pay attention. There were many laughs, legs going in incorrect directions and spaghetti arms that would make Patrick Swayze turn in his grave (yes Dirty Dancing was also part of the childhood I referred to earlier).

After Rita had imparted some knowledge into our brains at the Barre (and had some confidence that we weren’t all going to fall over each other without the barre for support) it was time for the class to move to the Centre.

Centre work is where you take what you have learnt at the barre plus you learn some more steps, positions and poses. In other words, in the centre, you apply what you learned at the barre, and you learn to dance.

We even got to perform as individuals diagonally across the room before the end of class, everyone had a big smile on their faces as we finished the class with reverence. Reverence is a series of bows and curtsies performed to slow music.

Following reverence, it was clapping and laughter that dominated the room as we all shared the fun parts of the class and how much we had enjoyed it.

So, when I got home, I booked in for the next 6 weeks of classes. It’s a fun way to do some exercise and dancing while strengthen and lengthen your body. It’s not for the faint hearted, your legs and feet will get a good work out and it will be unlike anything else. You will be using muscles and core strength to ensure you can dance as gracefully as a ballerina. It seems to takes a lot of work to look that effortless, or maybe I have a long way to go!

I will admit to having done some adult ballet previously and I can certainly tell you that ballet at Yoganic won’t make you feel uncoordinated, ashamed of your ability or your body. You will walk out with your head held high a big smile on your face having enjoyed the last hour so much that you can’t believe it’s a whole week until the next one.

I would encourage anyone to come along and have some fun. It doesn’t matter if you have done ballet as a child, an adult or never before. Rita has a way of making everyone feel comfortable and ensuring you leave with a smile.

Ballet has some amazing benefits for your mind, body & soul. Click here to find out more!

story courtesy of Leah O’Gorman

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