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Accountability Challenge - February 2023

Ready to get back in to movement for 2023?

Want to make yourself accountable and commit to some goals?

Need some help getting motivated?

Want to reward yourself for coming to class?

Our Accountability Challenge starts February 6!

When we did Spring Bingo, I noticed how many of you loved collecting the stamps and seeing how many classes you'd done. So we're heading back to childhood....... with sticker charts up in the studio!

How does it work? The Accountability Challenge runs Monday February 6 - Sunday March 5. To sign up costs $35. You nominate how many classes you're going to do and if you meet YOUR goal, we'll give you a retail voucher* for $70 (double your investment!) - so you can choose how you reward yourself. That might be finally getting some RAD balls, new socks, kids yoga games...... your choice!

We'll have some NEW classes starting between now and February - so there'll be plenty of options to get in to class!

  • Monday 10:30am Beginner Reformer - starts Jan 30

  • Tuesday 6pm Pre/postnatal Tower - starts next week

  • Tuesday 7pm Yoganic Tower - starts next week

  • Wednesday 6pm Japanese Yoga - starts Feb

  • Thursday 6:30am Pilates Punch - starts Feb

  • Thursday 8pm Reformer Athletic - starts Feb

.....and stay posted for some Sunday afternoon reformer classes we're just finalising the details on!

Want to do more classes for the challenge?

Are you a member? (subscription as Momence calls it - you're paying monthly or annually)

On class packs?

  • buy 4 weeks unlimited** mat classes for $175 (+ $35 challenge registration) and we'll extend your class pack by 4 weeks

Accountability Challenge memberships only available to those joining the challenge, only for classes Feb 6 - Mar 5, no rollover of classes, strictly no extensions.

Don't want extra classes? You can sign up for the challenge here.

Got questions? email me.

If you're signed up - I'll be checking in with you along the way to make sure you're on track.

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