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  • Jessica Humphries

Unleash your inner dancer: Discover the magic of Barre

At our studio many of our students are big fans of Pilates, but people are sometimes

reluctant to get on board with Barre. We get it – it’s so easy to dismiss the unfamiliar and

stick within our comfort zones. But, imagine a workout that seamlessly blends the grace of

ballet, the strength of Pilates, and the exhilaration of strength training. It’s easy to see why

people get hooked.

Inspired by the graceful and precise movements of ballet, Barre emerged as a fusion of

dance and fitness in the late 1950s. Drawing on the strength and discipline of ballet, Barre

exercises were designed to inspire rehabilitation, as well as cater to people from all

backgrounds, regardless of their dance experience. Today, the practice has become a fitness

phenomenon, captivating the hearts and bodies of many.

Barre is a beautiful blend of twirling, gliding, and pulsing; a magical experience that will

leave you feeling empowered, toned, and utterly enchanted – and not just for ballerina-

types! Let us give you some reasons to jump aboard the Barre bandwagon.

Explores muscles you never knew existed

You know that feeling the day after a new workout where you discover muscles you didn’t

even know were there? Well, Barre promises lots of that. While Pilates focuses on core

strength and stability, Barre introduces movements that engage your glutes, thighs, and

calves with finesse – making it a perfect Pilates partner if we do say so ourselves. The

controlled yet challenging exercises tone and sculpt your lower body, transforming it into a

work of art. Who doesn’t love a booty that will help you gracefully waltz through life?

Invites poise and alignment

Just like Pilates, Barre emphasises proper posture and alignment. By strengthening your

core and elongating your spine, Barre nurtures your body’s natural grace. Through each

exercise, you’ll cultivate a deeper sense of body awareness, inviting you to stand a little

taller and more confidently. Say goodbye to slouching shoulders and hello to a more poised

and elegant posture (and therefore presence!).

Gives a cardio boost

Cardio is wonderful for energising your body and uplifting your spirit – and there’s no

shortage of it in Barre. The high-energy, fast-paced movements you’ll find in Barre get your

blood pumping and increase your heart rate. Great for improved endurance, calorie

burning, and a healthier cardiovascular system. With each pulse and pile, you’ll discover

more joy in movement, leaving you energised and ready to tackle whatever lies ahead.

Creates mind-body harmony

One of the most surprising and enchanting aspects of Barre is its focus on the connection

between body and mind – another reason it pairs so perfectly with Pilates and, of course,

yoga. Barre encourages presence, inviting you to connect with your breath and immerse

yourself in each magic moment. Mindful movement is a wonderful way to develop a deeper

appreciation for your body and life and unlock a sense of peace and harmony. On top of that

- the music, rhythm, and infectious energy of the Barre is so uplifting, leaving you feeling

vibrant and light.

Infuses variety into your fitness journey

Sometimes, our bodies and minds crave change – a chance to break free from routine and

explore new horizons. Barre provides the perfect remedy. It challenges you in delightful and

unexpected ways, breaking through plateaus and reigniting your passion for movement. It

invites endless opportunities to challenge you physically and mentally – offering new moves,

balances, and the joy of dance – even if you’ve never donned ballet shoes before. Embrace

the adventure and add a touch of whimsy to your fitness routine.

Barre will leave you stronger, more flexible, and with a sparkle in your eyes. Let the dance

begin! We can’t wait to welcome you to a class soon.

Don't forget aside form our regular barre classes, we also run Mums & Bubs Barre classes!

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