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  • Jessica Humphries

The joy of movement: How to create a sustainable exercise routine

You’ve heard it all before – exercise is good for you. But let’s be real – it’s not always easy to

create healthy habits and start a new routine. We get it. Life throws you curveballs and

before you know it every minute of the day is absorbed in something that feels infinitely

more necessary than movement. We don’t need to tell you that exercise makes you feel

great or that it brings a plethora of benefits – from improved mental clarity and boosted

mood to a sense of overall wellbeing. You need practical tips to kickstart your journey, and

we’re here to guide you every step of the way. So, if you’re ready to begin your joyous

journey of movement, let’s dive in!

Find something you love

Surrender to the call of your body. In this era of distractions and busyness, we often forget

to listen to the gentle whispers of our bodies. Reclaim your innate wisdom by tuning into

the desires of your physical vessel – aka – find an exercise that you love. Of course, there

will always be moments of challenge. Maybe you don’t love the burning sensation in your

legs as you climb the stairs – but you love being outside and are in awe of the view at the

top. Perhaps your muscles scream at you in that reformer Pilates class, but you love the

teacher and the community and the way you feel at the end of the practice. Move in the

direction of exercise that nourishes you – be it yoga, dancing, barre, or HIIT. You can choose

your own adventure.

Embrace the power of consistent, baby steps

Maybe you need to go boot-camp style to begin. Join the studio, try all the classes! But then

remember – even the grandest of achievements begin with a single step. Set achievable

goals to ensure success. Maybe you commit to one Pilates session and one yoga class a

week, or a 20 minute walk every day. Maybe you go to a barre class a fortnight or jump on

the trampoline with your kids for five minutes a day – whatever feels doable to start.

Consistency is key and forms the foundation for lasting change.

Seek support and community

Surround yourself with friends who share your passion for wellness. Join a supportive

community (like our Pilates, barre and yoga studio in Willoughby, Sydney if you’re local!)

where you can connect with and be uplifted by others. In the shared rhythm of laughter and

sweat you can also discover the joy of community.

Set realistic expectations

Remember that progress takes time and is not always linear. Some days you’ll glide with

grace, and at times you’ll likely stumble. Avoid the urge to compare yourself to others or

expect immediate results. Embrace the experience and allow yourself to enjoy the

opportunity for personal growth. Celebrate small victories, be patient with yourself, and

trust the wisdom of the journey.

Prioritise self-care

Perhaps you have a goal to lose weight or increase strength – but exercise is also a beautiful

opportunity to cultivate mindfulness and connect with your body on a deeper level. During

your exercise practices focus on your breath and let your body be guided into the present

moment. Incorporate rest days into your routine and engage in activities that promote

relaxation – such as yoga or meditation. By honouring your body’s need for rest and

relaxation, you’ll set up sustainable exercise habits that support you as you age.

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