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Yoganic is rebranding to Love Pilates!

Updated: Sep 6

The end of an era at Yoganic……

Yoganic is rebranding in the next month to Love Pilates!

You’re probably wondering, why the rebrand to Love Pilates?

I toyed with rebranding when I first purchased Yoganic, but there were so many other priorities in the business at the time and life was busy. In the five years since I took over Yoganic, so much has changed (unexpectedly)! I had an unplanned (but much adored) third daughter, a global pandemic hit and we had two lock-downs. My world has changed, the world around us has changed, the studio has changed.

Over the past few years (and partly due to some global trends post-pandemic) our Pilates business has grown and yoga has wound down. A rebrand was well overdue to better reflect who we are and what we do – and so “Love Pilates” was born.

So what's changing when you become Love Pilates?

Not too much! It's mostly cosmetic......we're keeping all the good stuff! But it's made me think really hard about who we are and what we do. For me, Pilates (and yoga) is more than just movement, but time to nourish my body and soul, empowering my body to support me through whatever stage of life I’m in. At Love Pilates we want to share that with you. Love Pilates is a place to move, nourish and empower your body – whatever life stage you’re in. We’re here to support you navigating work/life balance, pregnancy, motherhood, perimenopause, menopause and beyond.

Move. Nourish. Empower.

What about yoga now you're becoming Love Pilates?

Yes, we will still do yoga and barre (just like we still did Pilates when we were called Yoganic) – because it ticks all those boxes – move, nourish, empower and it’s a great complement to Pilates! Our timetable isn't changing.

I feel very blessed and humbled to have spent the last five years with our beautiful Yoganic community and am immensely grateful that you’ve shared the journey with me and supported Yoganic. I always think that our community is the best part of the studio. I’m looking forward to many more with our Love Pilates community! (And yes, all the pink is staying!)

I'd love to think it will be a quick, clean changeover....... but the likelihood of the website, app and signage all going to schedule is unlikely - so we may have a few days in the changeover where we have a bit of an identity crisis before we (completely) become Love Pilates. There might be a few changes in the studio over the next few weeks as we get ready to make the transition. We'll keep you updated as we get closer to the time.

You can find us at our new home Love Pilates.

See you in the studio soon.

Libby xx

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