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What is Barre Attack?

Updated: May 7, 2022

I recently did an interview with Holly from Barre Attack, about Barre Attack at Yoganic. It got me thinking - how many of our clients, still don't know how amazing Barre Attack classes are? So this is a repost of my interview with Holly from Barre Attack about why we love their classes! If you want to learn more about the Barre Attack program you can go to their website.

Barre Attack Studio spotlight!

As an Australian run and community based company we love hearing your stories. Lately a studio called Yoganic in Willoughby, run by Libby Teale had been catching our eye with two of their amazing instructors in for courses over the last few weekends of training. As well as a beautiful studio ethos. So here is a little about their story and their experience with BA!

A little bit about you and how Yoganic began? Yoganic has been around for almost 10 years, I bought the studio just under a year ago. I had been teaching there for a year and loved the studio and the clients, so it seemed natural to buy the business. We have an amazing sense of community at the studio. Yoganic is about supporting women and families – whatever stage they’re in. We help people create balance in their life – that might be through a meditation course, yoga, Barre Attack or Pilates. It’s a chance to take some time out and focus on yourself, reconnect with your body, recover and relax or challenge yourself – whatever your body and mind needs! Where is your studio and what kind of clientele do you have? We are on Willoughby Road in Willoughby. Or clients are predominantly female. We run a lot of pre and postnatal classes– so we have a lot of mums. Yoganic offers at least one pregnancy class every day of the week and mums and bubs class ‪Monday to Friday‬. But it’s not just mums!!! We have women from 18 to 80 (and a few men!) and many without kids! What is your studio ethos and what do you endeavour to give your clients? We are really hoping to give our clients some time out and let them do something for themselves. We're there to support out clients whatever the goal is - switching off from work, taking an hour off from kids, recovering after baby, building their strength......Yoganic is small studio - so we know all our regulars (and they know each other! Many friendships have been formed in class), so the sense of community is really important, but it also means we are able to spend time with clients working on technique. How did you find Barre Attack and what courses/membership etc have you done? I’d done barre training somewhere else and it just didn’t gel with me. I wanted to reintroduce barre when I bought the studio and I loved that Barre Attack was Australian and I found it worked better for my body. I don’t come from a dance background either (and my clients are too tired for difficult choreography) so I loved that BA wasn’t too complicated to teach – or to follow. I think some clients are terrified of barre classes that may be too dance-y and they won’t be able to follow or will look silly. I’ve done foundations, advanced, sliding discs and have a membership! What do you love about Barre Attack? Barre Attack is fun! I love teaching it, I love doing it, it works. I am so much fitter since I started teaching Barre Attack! Some of my clients only come once a week – but I can still see amazing changes in their strength and fitness after a couple of months of classes. We have a lot of pre and postnatal clients and it’s also easy to accommodate them in a regular class and it gives them a fun, safe cardio option.

What do your clients love about Barre Attack? That post class high!!! Our clients are often time poor – they’re balancing work, families, study, busy personal lives. Barre Attack is time efficient - it gives them a strength workout, cardio and it’s fun! Plus, lots of them come with a friend and squeeze in a post-workout coffee and chat……

Tell us a bit about the teachers teaching Barre Attack at the studio. I teach Barre Attack (as well as Pilates mat and Reformer). Chondelle is a former dancer and Sharon who is also a Pilates Instructor and PT Sharon has done all of your courses!

Your fave Barre Attack move? Definitely scooter on the sliding discs! Thank you Libby for taking the time out of your busy schedule to answer our questions between some fantastic courses you have been juggling with teaching this week!

Bookings through the Yoganic website or the Yoganic app.

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