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Why do I need a prenatal Pilates classes?

I often get asked why we have Prenatal Pilates classes and why prenatal clients can't come to regular classes.

Why can't I come to regular Pilates classes?

Pregnant bodies are different! Plus they are constantly changing. As our bodies grow to accomodate our growing baby, there's movement of our hips, ribs and internal organs to accomodate baby, weight gain, additional blood volume, an increase in relaxin and many more changes. There are also some RANZCOG guidelines around exercise safety for pregnant women.

In a regular Pilates class, there will be a significant part of the class that isn't suitable for pregnant women. A pregnancy class on the other hand is safe for all trimesters and you will be able to follow the entire class. We find it's difficult to keep a class safe and fun everyone if we are constantly modifying.

What's the difference with a Prenatal Pilates class?

Our prenatal Pilates classes take all of these changes and safety guidelines in to account. The class is focussed on preparing your body for delivering your baby and beyond - motherhood.

A Prenatal Pilates class will incorporate strength work - focussing on legs (preparing you for delivery), upper body (preparing you for caring for your baby) and pregnancy safe abdominals Our Prenatal Pilates classes will also incorporate LOTS of stretching. Our teachers are mums and we remember the toll pregnancy takes on your body! We'll spend time stretching hip flexors. your thoracic spine, your glutes....... We'll also be giving you some suggestions of stretches you can do at home. We've got all the tricks when it come to tight ribs and sore feet!

We want you to be as comfortable as possible during your Prenatal Pilates class, which is why we have a set of Pilates Arcs for you to lie on in class when you are no longer able to exercise lying on your back.

Prenatal Pilates classes also give you a chance to connect with other local mums-to-be. Many mum friendships are started in our prenatal and postnatal classes and it can be a great way to start building your 'mum tribe'.

If you have concerns about exercising during your pregnancy we will happily recommend one of the amazing Women's Health Physiotherapists we work with regularly.

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